Star Wars with Friends for Celebration Anaheim 2020

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Attending Celebration Anaheim 2020 and want to play Star Wars With Friends? Purchase one Starter Pack per player and up to 10 Booster Packs per person and get ready to play. All items will be picked up at the Rancho Obi-Wan booth at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2020. Please be sure you have joined the SWWF facebook group so you can keep up with player meet ups, social gatherings, and learn about prizes being developed for game players. We will not ship any items after Celebration. If you decide not to play, we cannot refund donations. See our non-attending donation option if for some reason you cancel your plans to attend Celebration or play. You will be able to change your donation to "non attending".


Donate $10 for each starter pack. A starter pack contains 7 letter tile pins, a special player's button, and a ribbon and safety pin so you can show off the tiles you want to trade away. This is the essential kit you need to play the game. Families do not need to purchase multiple kits to have kids play along, but you cannot receive extra buttons or tiles without a kit.


Donate $10 for each bonus bag. A bonus bag is a great way to increase your donation AND to do better in the game. Get the letters you need to make great Star Wars words or phrases and to have spare tiles to trade. Each bonus bag contains 3 standard tile pins, 1 PINK (double point value) tile pin, and one GREEN (triple point value) tile pin. It also contains 1 special tile pin. Special tile pins are either a HEART or a HASH TAG (these are random). Make your social media posts stand out and have a truly fun souvenir with these special tile pins. You may purchase up to 10 bonus bags while supplies last.


Can't attend Celebration but want to support ROW through the SWWF fundraiser? We love you! All non-attending donors will be entered in a special raffle. A total of 5 winners will be selected after Celebration. Winners will receive a special mini-prize pack made up of the various unique items created by Cathy for SWWF. Right now this pack contains the starter pack button, an Ahsoka button, the Ahsoka patch, the Inspired patch, the Inspired sticker, the SWWF poker chip and SWWF 'redeemed' point money. More items will be added soon. Follow the SWWF Facebook page to track what is added to the non-attending prize packs.

What are your odds? Just like Han, we don't know! Odds will depend entirely on the number of donors who select the not attending option. We hope they are astronomical! ROW needs your support. This option will close the day before Celebration and odds will be posted immediately after Celebration when we hold the random draw.
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