The New Rancho Obi-Wan Virtual Museum

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Behind the Scenes: Steve’s Office

Steve’s office is a living, breathing area of the museum. It fills, it empties, repeat. New items coming into the collection gather here. Sometimes old items have been retrieved for some new purpose. Letters, packages, convention bags, magazines, favorites and more can be found here. The rest of this story is available to Council subscribers …

Welcome to Rancho Obi-Wan
Rancho Obi-Wan is a publicly supported, nonprofit museum in Petaluma, California that houses the world’s largest Star Wars memorabilia collection, as certified by Guinness World Records in 2014.

Our mission is to inspire people by showcasing the collection and promoting a warm, joyous, inclusive environment for a fun, authentic fan experience. We present collectibles and works of art, including fan-made pieces, to inspire others to be imaginative, creative, seek information and learn new crafts.