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Petaluma in 1910
Petaluma c. 1910












Petaluma, a town of about 59,000, is in Sonoma County, California. Petaluma
 retains its Victorian charm after having survived the 1906 earthquake which leveled San Francisco to the south and Santa Rosa to the north. The town is most famous for being “The egg basket of the world” between 1890 and 1960. During that time a majority of the population worked in support of the poultry farms that surrounded the town. More eggs and chicks came from Petaluma than anywhere else. As new technology fueled the factory approach to egg production, most of Petaluma’s small egg farms disappeared. Yet there are still some larger poultry farms in the area and there are also dairies, creameries, cheese factories, vineyards and wineries.

Sonoma County is home to Bodega Bay, amazing redwood forests, and scenic waterways. There are many activities in the area for you to make a family vacation out of your visit. For more information about Petaluma, please see the Petaluma Visitor Center.

There is a free parking garage in Petaluma on Keller Street between Western Avenue and Washington Street. Take a walking tour of Petaluma’s movie locations or visit some downtown restaurants and shops.

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