Many thanks!

To everyone who came to see us and support us at The Rancho Obi-Wan Experience booth at Star Wars Celebration Chicago–THANK YOU! Thank you for visiting, for donating, for buying something, for playing Star Wars with Friends, for spinning the wheel, for bringing your friends and family, for smiling and taking photos, for being inspired by Star Wars!


Email if you have one of the unclaimed numbers.

Thursday: 1631, 1703, 1755 ALL CLAIMED

Friday: 1393, 1754, 3238 ALL CLAIMED

Saturday: 2453, 3392, 4570 ALL CLAIMED

Sunday: 1287, 1620, 2164 ALL CLAIMED

Monday: 1117, 1708, 4171

Grand Prize: 5482 CLAIMED

And we have special gratitude for the legion of folks who helped bring this year’s exhibit to Star Wars Celebration:

The Rancho Obi-Wan Experience
at Star Wars Celebration Chicago

was presented by
Steve Sansweet

produced by
Anne Neumann

managed by
Tracy Kelly

assisted by
Tony Clemens, Montie Garcia, Lorena Gies, Anne Jenkins, Stewart Levy, Susan Rogers, Rich Smolen, Erika Toto, Michael Wistock

booth volunteers
Charlotte Bedlion, Jeremy Beckett, Kathryn Davis, Tate Dellow, Davina Deschain, Kelly DuBose, Brian Dudas, Kay Fluhler, Donna Joseph, Scott Magerfleisch, Jason Maston, Michael McManus, Steven Newcomb, Jason Thomas

show liasons
Rich Askintowicz, Paula Millstone, Eddie Raymond, Marsha West

art by
Eric Corley-Ehrlich

Steve Sansweet, Anne Neumann

helmet stands
Dwayne Smith, Lorena Gies, Carl Wagner

artifact search
Marino Frugoli, Lorena Gies, Melissa Hillman, Elton Hom, Darrell Lee, Giuseppe Lipari, Stacy Meyn, Jon Nagel, Tracy Newby, Dan Norgan, Michelle Norgan, Ken Tarleton

David Buckley, Bob Canning, Tony Clemens, Marino Frugoli, Montie Garcia, Lorena Gies, Darrell Lee, Stewart Levy, Marc Morita, Jon Nagel, Steve Newcomb, Dan Norgan, Eric Plummer, Fred Rogers, Susan Rogers, Dwayne Smith, Rich Smolen, Erika Toto, Michael Wistock

social media
Wes Middleton, Anne Neumann

Mary Franklin, Duncan Jenkins, Gus Lopez, Pete Vilmur

fundraising “Star Wars with Friends”
created and administered by

Cathy Kendrick

assisted by
Amy Sjoberg, Marjorie Carvalhos

prize donors
Jerry B, Marjorie Carvalhos, Tony Clemens, Andy Dukes, Empire State Collector Club, Montie Garcia, Brian Hare, Cathy Kendrick, KSWCC, Kevin Lentz, Toni McIntire, Jason Thomas, Martin Thurn, Caylen Redden, SARLAAC, Star Wars Action News, and more…