Never tell me the odds…1003

The odds are 1003 to 1! Here are the random photos from our database associated with this number. See below for their explanations.

  • The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition Soundtrack soundtrack on CD
  • Kenner Power of the Force card back art element
  • “Revenge of the Sith Booster Pack” by Wizards of the Coast (USA, 2005), Emperor Palpatine box
  • “Imperial Star Destroyer” 3104 piece LEGO® set #10030 by The LEGO Group (USA, 2002)
  • Topps Star Wars Series 2 trading cards 67 – 75, 1977
  • Rancho Obi-Wan Grand Re-Opening, November 2011
  • Exhibit at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, 2015
  • Cosplay at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, 2015
  • The Force Awakens world premiere, Los Angeles, 2015