Rancho Obi-Wan Presents: The Saga Museum Vol 1

Rancho Obi-Wan presents The Saga Museum Vol 1 debuted in August of 2022. This was a live stream fundraiser event on our Facebook page that featured a deep dive into portions of the Star Wars collections of Steve Sansweet, Gus Lopez, Duncan Jenkins, and Vic Wertz & Lisa Stevens.
We are excited to now share video of The Saga Museum Vol 1 here in our Virtual Museum!

You can now watch the full video of The Saga Museum Vol 1 to see up close and personal looks at each of the incredible Star Wars collections. You’ll see some of the most renowned one-of-a-kind props, rare action figures, special LEGO pieces, and hear details and stories from each of the collectors.

We hope enjoy watching this with friends and family over the holidays (or any time!) and we appreciate your support of our ongoing mission to inspire!