Never tell me the odds…1982

The odds are 1982 to 1!

Here are the random photos from our database associated with this number. See below for their explanations.

  • A long-sleeved t-shirt, circa late-1990s-early 2000s
  • Kenner Micro Collection product shot
  • Clone Wars Heroes checkbook cover by Anthony Grandio, exclusive (USA, 2005) [leather]
  • Volunteer Consetta helps move heavy acrylic displays in the new Treasure Room, March 2011
  • General Electric Australia flyer, circa 1984
  • Splinter of the Minds Eye paperback
  • Premiere News magazine cover, August 1982
  • interviews Howard Roffman, Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, 2015
  • Rawcliffe pewter Darth Vader store display
  • Stew prepares for a fundraising poker tournament, Gala 2018
  • Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland, December, 2019
  • General Electric Australia flyer, circa 1984