Thank you ALL for your support!

Thank you for watching our Virtual Gala, buying merch from our CustomInk fundraisers, catching up to 12-years of support, becoming new Members, renewing old Memberships, joining our Virtual Museum, filling out paperwork for corporate matching, liking us and sharing on social media, creating Facebook fundraisers, adding us as your charity of choice on Amazon and HumbleBundle, and sending notes of love and support.

With your help, Rancho Obi-Wan is humbled and honored to preserve all aspects of Star Wars fandom for you and future generations. Our mission is to celebrate the Star Wars community, promote Star Wars collecting as a positive hobby, educate and inspire all ages, conserve and interpret Star Wars memorabilia, and provide fun and exciting exhibits that bring joy to everyone.

We hope to see you in the new year!

– Steve & Anne
– Our Directors, Docents & Crew